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Bi-Partisan. Issue Based. Board-Controlled

The Coalition of Justice voters is a non-profit, bi-partisan organization working to reform Michigan’s criminal justice system. Established in 2017, we believe that accountability, reconciliation, and rehabilitation are the foundation for creating a healthy and effective justice system that best cares for victims, the incarcerated, and makes our communities safer.


As the only political non-profit in Michigan dedicated to addressing criminal justice reform at the legislative level, we see public education, legislative action, and candidate support as the ingredients for institutional change.


Public Education

Raising awareness about the need for criminal justice reform in Michigan through presentations, events, publications, and social media outreach.

Legislative Action

Working with legislators in Lansing to pass criminal justice reform legislation, and keeping politicians accountable for how they vote.

Candidate Support

Recruiting and supporting candidates who are committed to building a smarter, more cost-effective, and more just criminal justice system.

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